Empty Hook Transport Systems

The handling of empty hooks is a subject that has a great hidden potential for saving costs, beginning with the receipt of the empty hooks at the loading platform, including counting and classifying. Afterwards follows the transport within the company as well as their storage, up to the timely provision of the hooks at the abattoir.

Advantages you can profit of:

  1. Considerable personnel costs can be saved.
  2. Immediate availability of hooks.
  3. Improved hygiene. There is no longer any danger of contamination through impure hooks that are transported by employees through clean areas.
  4. PLC automatic program runtime (Programmable Logic Controller).
  5. All operational parameters like clock cycles, waiting periods, alarm functions e. g. can individually be modified or adjusted by the user without any programming skills.
  6. Storage opportunity and space is gained. The hooks no longer standing around on hook carriages in a corner somewhere, taking up precious production space and hindering the industrial process, but are compactly stored within the system.
  7. Costs can be saved by the cessation of repair work to installations caused by the transport of hook carriages.
  8. Flexible planning. Marchel's empty hook conveyor systems can be planned flexibly and can be integrated into existing abattoir plants, even if little space is available.
  9. Amortisation is generally within two years.


  • PLC automatic program runtime (PLC = Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Comfort using by a coloured touch panel
  • Powerful electric motors
  • The drives are fitted with cases of gears made of aluminium (= no rust)
  • High-grade aluminium pressed profiles
  • Connections made of stainless steel


Marchel's empty hook conveyor system enables empty hooks to be transported and stored more precisely. The systems can be adjusted to all kinds of meat hooks, from eurohooks and cattle hooks to spreading hooks. Innovative technology and know-how in planning guarantees a perfect operation.



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