Perfect Counter

New at Marchel:

Exact quantity detection of slaughter hooks of all kinds

Convenient, intuitive operation and comprehensive features to meet all customer requirements
– quite simply perfect.

Make use of these advantages!

  1. Reliable counting, even with hook assemblies without gaps
  2. Convenient, simple operation
  3. High counting frequency; up to 50 hooks per second
  4. The statistical fields can be customised by the customer; e.g. Gate 5, empty hook pick-up, etc.
  5. Variable, process-related fields can be filled in by operating personnel with total ease
  6. Tamper-proof
  7. Secure data-saving to USB stick
  8. Data export as CSV file
  9. Connection to control room possible (optional)
  10. Device protection level IP 66
  11. Can also be used protably



  • Operation via convenient touch panel (SIEMENS TP700)
  • Optimum menu navigation
  • Stainless steel housing, IP 66
  • (if equipped with ticket printer with double door and sight glass)
  • Easy, customised entry of process-related data
  • Connection to a control room possible (optional)
  • Easy-to-attach, special sensor holder, with which even hook assemblies without gaps can be reliable counted
  • Excellent legibility, even in poor lighting conditions


Special features

  • Connection to a control room









Perfect Counter
300 mm
450 mm
210 mm
Perfect Counter with Ticket printer
450 mm
450 mm
300 mm
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